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What is Ontri you ask?? Ontri is a wonderful site that links you with other fitness peeps doing triathlons, marathons, and what not. It allows a member (free to join) to log their workouts/nutrition, connect with trainers, network with other fitness freaks. It also has healthy recipes, links for upcoming races in your area, and more. This is DEFINITELY going to help. I actually just updated my profile and logged my first workout (well, the first that Ontri will see anyhow.) Which of course, was not one of my best (due to a siting of a turkey-no lie, the tiring of the Bruts, and the extreme sunshine, which I need to become more acquainted with.)

For all of you who have not heard or may be thinking..where is Shtinky? Well, Brenna has flown off to Guam for a month to do some “work.” So I am not too worried about her health progress. I assume she will be eating yummy protein (seafood) and will be getting her swim on in the tropical waters. As for me. Bike is DEF getting fixed tomorrow.

Next week I am planning on conquering Martin Luther King Drive (and documenting it with plenty of pics.) Also, I will hopefully head out to the beach to get some free  swim time.

Also, I am sad to announce that pictures from awhile back (ice skating with proud supporters of our blog aka awesome friends of mine, neti pot ones, special k, and more..were deleted by accident while on vaca in the Outer banks the other week:(

Thank you for reading!!!! Awesome pics and swag (awesome tee shirts made by the finest tee shirt company in town (“The Cleveland Print Shop”) will be arriving soon.



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