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YES! That’s right….in SCENIC FOREST HILLS! I don’t know about all of you Clevelanders out there, but I LOVE Forest Hills…I really do..so when I saw this poster hanging up at the Rec Center I practically jumped in the air with glee…Here are some of the details:

Earth Day Run/Walk
The Second Annual Earth Day 5K Run and Walk is a fundraiser for the Cleveland Heights Youth Recreation Scholarship Fund. It will take place rain or shine on April 21 at 6:45 pm in Forest Hill Park. The entry fee for those who pre-register is $14; day of the race entry fee is $18 (cash and checks only). Pre-registration deadline is April 19 with checks made out to HMA Promotions and mailed to: City of Cleveland Heights Earth Day Run, 40 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118. Those interested may also register at http://www.hmapromotions.net.

First 200 to register get a nifty new shirt! Other perks include: one water stop..(haha), refreshments following the run, and AWARDS!

Do something good for Earth Day……Also………while we are at it…I have been trying (and by trying I mean wanting to, but haven’t yet) to organize a trash pick up, at none other than the beautiful, scenic Forest Hills…(Really, I was-before I even knew this event was taking place.) I love Forest Hills…I live right next to it so I can go running with Brutus whenever I want..and I always meet really nice people walking there dogs…and there really are some pretty spots…Such as…the waterfall, the bench overlooking the grand East side of Cleveland…the duck pond…and apparently..Forest Hills gets wild Turkeys running around in it from time to time. It may not be a national park, but it is a national and local treasure (in my eyes) so hopefully I will scramble together flyers and info…plus, a trash pick up would be fun 🙂

HAHAHA I found this when I googled Forest Hills Park…no lie!!! HAHAHA


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Or did you ever get bored…on that 56th day..of every 56 days…is this making any sense??? Anways…..Every 56 days..according to the American Red Cross handbook (I got it for free when I donated last time) you can donate every 56 days…..with all of our world disasters…we really can’t afford to be greedy with our blood, which,..sadly,…it never really fully registered in my head that it does indeed replenish itself…for some reason I knew this, but it still fascinated me to learn that..yes, our blood does come back…and we can donate endless bags of it…Kind of weird to think about..I Know..But, I am digressing….

Anyways..this handbook is very useful….From April 2nd to April 9th there are a series of “critical dates-periods when blood collections decrease dramatically.” -(American Red Cross Handbook-Getting Involved 2010)

So help out a great non-profit/charity, which just happens to be Shtinky/Brenna’s charity as well…Who is up for the challenge?

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Sorry this is so last notice

But, there is a walk for MS this Saturday at the Brown’s Stadium in Downtown Cleveland…if you wish to do it..contact me (Maggie/”Sthinky”-just go with it..) at (216)337-2339…you have 2 days to raise money…so raise some money..and come on down and walk for a good cause!

This is directly from the site:

Walk MS is a simple, but incredibly powerful way for you to share in the hope for the future. Walk MS
Walk MS is our rallying point, a time and a place for us to stand together and to be together — to help raise critical funds that support cutting edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education and provide programs and services to help people with MS move their lives forward.

Join the Walk MS Movement. Register Today.
Be there. Because every movement you make and every dollar you raise supports the mission to create a world free of MS.

you can learn how to donate money by going to the website:




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To Legit to quit!

Yup. It’s that time again.  Shtinky and I have decided in order to get the ball rolling another challenge is in order. A SPECIAL K CHALLENGE.

The Special K Challenge is a two week intensive program that involves eating special k products up the wazoo. Brenna has invested in Special K granola bars, cereal, protein shakes, and waffles. I (being cheap/economical) am going with the strawberry Special K cereal. Although I’m not usually a fan of freeze dried, astronaut food (minus the ice cream sandwiches) I decided why not. The challenge lasts for two weeks and goes a little something like this:

1)Breakfast-enjoy a bowl of any Special K cereal with 2/3’s cup skim milk (you can also substitute the Special K cereal of your choice with waffles or granola.) Accompany with some fruit and some juice or coffee for a delectable treat.

2)Lunch-Enjoy ANOTHER bowl of any Special K cereal (or product)

3) Dinner-eat regularly

Do this for two weeks..and watch 6 lbs melt off your body!

I looked on the back of the box and found Gluten, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar, but…..not to  be a complete Debby Downer..I did notice some corn/wheat/and vitamins as well…and I’m sure with the decrease in calorie intake as well as fat…that this challenge really could work. So this Tuesday Brenna and I will ring in the beginning of our REAL TRAINING (since..we are now OFFICIALLY signed up for the 2010 CHICAGO TRIATHLON) with a challenge that we can actually stick to. So stick  that in your pipe and smoke it!

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