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Yesterday ended the first task for Shmelly and I – drinking 8-8oz glasses of water a day.  My experience can pretty much be summed up by my coworker “Girl, you have been living in the bathroom!”  It’s always awesome when coworkers notice how many bathroom breaks you take a day!  Pro’s:  I felt more full towards the end of the day, causing me to eat less, and I actually felt hydrated, which is pretty big for me since I used to drink 8-8 oz glasses of diet coke a day (you can image what that did to my body)!  Con’s:  I LIVED in the bathroom at work, which can be annoying when you have something due to your boss in ten minutes; I felt like I was going to float away the first few days; my body started to crave more water as the week went on, causing me to basically set up shop in the bathroom. All and all a good experience minus the bathroom breaks! – Shtinky (Brenna)

Disclaimer: Maybe it is because I have a guilt complex, but after writing my section of the blog I thought about how there are many people out there who do not have the luxury of being able to drink 8 glasses of water, especially water that is safe and clean. According to the 2nd UN World Water Development Report “more than a billion people—almost one-fifth of the world’s population—lack access to safe drinking water, and 40 percent lack access to basic sanitation.” March 22nd is World Water Day– a day where people all around the world help to promote the conservation and development of global water resources by joining together in participating in any events or programs that help raise public awareness to one of the world’s most serious health issues—unsafe and inadequate water supplies. So mark your calendars!


  • Feeling full
  • Being hydrated
  • *From a scientific point of view* Clear urine=less shmelly


  • Even though we felt more full we also felt bloated
  • It did not seem to clear up my face (most likely because we only did this task for a week)
  • The task became tedious at times
  • Frequent bathroom breaks (3+ bathroom breaks)

Overall, I did not enjoy drinking that much water. Although, I know it benefited me health-wise I just don’t enjoy drinking fluids, especially eight whole glasses of them. A plus to the whole experience would be that it did get my gears into motion. I down-sized my portions and opted for healthier choices.  I even went running with a pedometer (I learned that 2,000 steps equals a mile),  did 3 miles on an indoor bike, and used a treadmill for half an hour. However, when I went to visit my aunt in Sarasota FL and was faced with the kiss of death- steak wrapped in bacon with crumbled blue cheese on top, I was unable to remain as strong as I was in the beginning of the week.

Not only will I be starting a new school this week, but a new week has already begun. The vacation is over and it is back to reality. Let the training commence!

-Shmelly (Maggie)

P.S. If you decide to take on the challenge of drinking eight 8 oz glasses of water a day and you are thinking about heading out to a movie then perhaps you should view this site first.

http://runpee.com/         <-funny stuff


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So I woke up this morning feeling ..hungover?? Could it be because I drank so much (water) last night?


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I thought because all I’ve been doing is having R&R time at grandma and grandpa’s I would give a quick update. I am on my 5th glass of water. I am feeling rather bloated. There have been only two trips to the bathroom, but then again I have an amazing ability to hold it or not even realize that I have to go..12 some hours later. Nothing too spectacular is happening, although I do feel fuller, which is good and I am actually hydrating for once, which I thought would be like pulling teeth-seeing as I am not a big drinker, unless it comes in a salt-rimmed glass. The first day of our first task is almost over and I am feeling overall, pretty good!


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This weeks starts the first of many tasks for both Shmelly and I. We will attempt to drink eight-8oz glasses of water a day. Pretty much all the research I did (well, google and wikianswers) gave eight-8oz of water a day as a basic amount to drink to replenish the body. Predictions for the week are a whole lot of bathroom breaks and some interesting water creations!

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