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Sooooooo Shtinky and I woke up this morning (both in our nations capital) and realized that we are going to be participating in a triathlon this Sunday.   In the words of the immortal Chris Farley “holy schnikes!”  We can’t believe that our moment to shine is almost upon us! Due to complete and utter collapse (of our blog that is) we will be blogging nonstop around the clock until the event. We have also decided to punish/reward ourselves by rising with the roosters at 5am and taking a little trip to the gym both tomorrow and Thursday morning; and will be volunteering together after the event, no later than a month after the triathlon, for both of our charities. Just like that sentence was a run on we will be getting our run on tomorrow morning!  Get ready for some glamour shots of us in the a.m.!


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