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Weeeeeeeee’re Back!

Shtinky and I have been bad…very, very bad….our little “hiatus” is now over….Brenna was stuck in the “Snowageddon” so, yeah..in conclusion…a break was in order. I did ice skate the other weekend with some friends (pictures will be up soon) at the Cleveland Heights Rec Center, which, according to my father “the legendary Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono skated at last year..and even worked out in the gym!” My dad even took a break from pumping  iron and told him how much he admired him-well, he said hello.

Anyways…….Brenna did some extreme shoveling…I had planned on luging in honor of the Winter Olympics, but I have decided that luging is out of the question because of the Olympic Luger who died. I don’t think so! Plus, the closest Luge place I found was in Michigan. Oh well…….Luging really did look fun, but apparently there are street luging places all over Cleveland. I think even Ignatius does it!

This week Shtinky (Brenna for those who are still struggling) is going to CANCUN, MEXICO! This blog is going to be going international! We are thinking soccer? Soccer is Mexico’s # 1 sport and I wouldn’t mind playing a game myself. Perhaps I could organize one…soccer in the snow?       ¿Sí?



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