To Legit to quit!

Yup. It’s that time again.  Shtinky and I have decided in order to get the ball rolling another challenge is in order. A SPECIAL K CHALLENGE.

The Special K Challenge is a two week intensive program that involves eating special k products up the wazoo. Brenna has invested in Special K granola bars, cereal, protein shakes, and waffles. I (being cheap/economical) am going with the strawberry Special K cereal. Although I’m not usually a fan of freeze dried, astronaut food (minus the ice cream sandwiches) I decided why not. The challenge lasts for two weeks and goes a little something like this:

1)Breakfast-enjoy a bowl of any Special K cereal with 2/3’s cup skim milk (you can also substitute the Special K cereal of your choice with waffles or granola.) Accompany with some fruit and some juice or coffee for a delectable treat.

2)Lunch-Enjoy ANOTHER bowl of any Special K cereal (or product)

3) Dinner-eat regularly

Do this for two weeks..and watch 6 lbs melt off your body!

I looked on the back of the box and found Gluten, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar, but…..not to  be a complete Debby Downer..I did notice some corn/wheat/and vitamins as well…and I’m sure with the decrease in calorie intake as well as fat…that this challenge really could work. So this Tuesday Brenna and I will ring in the beginning of our REAL TRAINING (since..we are now OFFICIALLY signed up for the 2010 CHICAGO TRIATHLON) with a challenge that we can actually stick to. So stick  that in your pipe and smoke it!


This week Shmelly and I are going to attempt to clean our nasal passages and clear our sinus with the wonderful neti pot.  Even though the Big O has spoken about this, it’s my kleenex toting bff Colleen that suggested Shmelly and try it out (and for doing so will get some awesome swag!).

(According Web MD: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinus-pain-pressure-9/neti-pots)

Ear, nose, and throat surgeons recommend nasal irrigation with a Neti pot or other method for their patients who’ve undergone sinus surgery, to clear away crusting in the nasal passages.   Many patients with chronic sinus symptoms from bacterial infections, allergies, and environmental irritants also have begun to regularly use the Neti pot or other nasal irrigation devices, claiming that these devices alleviate congestion, facial pain and pressure, and reduce the need for antibiotics and nasal sprays. Research backs up these claims, finding that nasal irrigation can be an effective way to relieve sinus symptoms when used along with standard sinus treatments.

The basic explanation of how the Neti pot works is that it thins mucus to help flush it out of the nasal passages, according to David Rabago, MD, assistant professor in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and a leading researcher on nasal irrigation.

A more biological explanation for how the Neti pot works has to do with tiny, hair-like structures called cilia that line the inside of the nasal and sinus cavities.  These cilia wave back and forth to push mucus either to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed, or to the nose to be blown out.  “Chronic sinus problems cause the cilia to beat in a slow and uncoordinated way,” Rabago explains.  Saline solution can help increase the speed and improve coordination of the cilia so that they may more effectively remove the bacteria, allergens, and other irritants that cause sinus problems, he says.

Very curious to see if this helps out my sinus situation.  So bottom’s up or through the nose!

Thanks to my motivated travel companions I was able to play a little game of beach soccer.  For a country that loves this sport I didn’t see anyone kicking a ball around, which was probably a good thing because Erin and I really looked like we had some serious skills!

Weeeeeeeee’re Back!

Shtinky and I have been bad…very, very bad….our little “hiatus” is now over….Brenna was stuck in the “Snowageddon” so, yeah..in conclusion…a break was in order. I did ice skate the other weekend with some friends (pictures will be up soon) at the Cleveland Heights Rec Center, which, according to my father “the legendary Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono skated at last year..and even worked out in the gym!” My dad even took a break from pumping  iron and told him how much he admired him-well, he said hello.

Anyways…….Brenna did some extreme shoveling…I had planned on luging in honor of the Winter Olympics, but I have decided that luging is out of the question because of the Olympic Luger who died. I don’t think so! Plus, the closest Luge place I found was in Michigan. Oh well…….Luging really did look fun, but apparently there are street luging places all over Cleveland. I think even Ignatius does it!

This week Shtinky (Brenna for those who are still struggling) is going to CANCUN, MEXICO! This blog is going to be going international! We are thinking soccer? Soccer is Mexico’s # 1 sport and I wouldn’t mind playing a game myself. Perhaps I could organize one…soccer in the snow?       ¿Sí?


In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics (starting Friday, 12 February (http://www.vancouver2010.com/)) and the recent weather in both fair Cleveland and D.C. Shmelly and I have decided that this week would be winter sports week.  I LOVE the Winter Olympics, maybe even more then the Summer Olympics, (I am fully aware that this comment may make some people roast, particularly Jason) and am super excited to get out there are do some serious ice skating (if I can still remember how to stand on skates), skiing (is it bad to rock jeans on the slopes?), and possibly a little luge action if I can find a place that let’s people sign away their lives to try it.  Keep your fingers crossed that Shmelly and I make it out of this challenge with minimal bruises and no broken bones!

***Update on other challenges***

Shtinky:  I am still drinking 8 glasses of water a day but hitting the bathroom a little less; I am currently 25% done with my Presidential Challenge and can taste the bronze medal; and I decided I am going to finish my 15oz bottle of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar if it kills me.  As for the triathlon training, I plan on kicking it in gear around mid February.

Shmelly: I have been drinking more water than I usually do, but I haven’t lived up to the 8 glasses a day in weeks, sad to say. I’m going to get into the habit of drinking more-I am! Also, not to be all slacker like, but I quit the Braggs two days before the challenge was over. I just felt like it was a placebo. I also wonder why an apple or apple juice/cider can’t replace the Braggs. Why does it have to be vinegar? Does having it age really make a difference? Perhaps I should research this..anyways…I continue to do the Presidential fitness award. I went to the gym practically every day last week and plan on going tonight. Maybe I will also join Brenna in finishing the Braggs……….what do people think..yay or nay??

Not only is she a health pioneer and crusader, she is also a health guru to the stars! Fergie and Katy Perry swear by her! Even Paul Newman took a gander at the apple cider vinegar diet. Brenna and I are not 100% doing a cleanse, fasting, or even partaking in a raw food diet. We just thought that we would try this raw, unfiltered vinegar and see what all the fuss was about.  According to Patricia Briggs- Jesus didn’t turn water into wine, he turned it into raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar!

Just check out some of these testimonials:


Am I nuts? I’m a diabetic, and my blood sugar has been way out of whack for about a year, routinely hitting 300+. I was desperate, and read about your vinegar. I tried it, and have been using it twice a day for a month, once in the morning, once in the evening — a shot of it in a glass of ice cold filtered water, no honey (would that even mix in cold water?) But here is the point: my blood sugar is now normal, rarely over 110. I swear I’ve changed absolutely nothing else in my diet, exercise, or medication. I am double checking it by using two different meters and different test strip lots, etc. I’m astounded and amazed, and find it hard to believe this is possible! But it sure seems to be for real.

Paul — No More Itchy Feet

I’m just sending a note to tell you that I’m very pleased at how well Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar works to eliminate the itching from Athlete’s Foot.  For years I’ve had the problem on the same foot.  I’ve always used a commercial product to stop the itching.  Well, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar works just as well, and is considerably less expensive.

Jamie — Acushnet, Ma

I have an amazing story to tell you about Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve been struggling with high cholesterol for about 6 yrs now, and couldn’t seem to get it down by exercising and watching what I ate. Doctors were concerened, so my mom told me to try the apple cider vinegar. I did it
for three months straight faithfully — a tablespoon twice a day. Just went for my bloodtest, and can\’t belive it I dropped 78 points in just three months it’s amazing!!!! My doctors are asking me what’s the secret, they can’t believe it either. So ,just thought I’d let you know your product really does work. Thank you so much. I’m a very satisfied customer, and will use your products all the time..

Gwen — Chicago, Il

l lost 30 pounds drinking the Bragg ACV and watching my diet. I recommend it to everyone I know and talk to.

Jasmine — Anaheim Hills, CA

I was a boarder line Diabetic, and starting drinking the ACV health drink. Within three months I no longer tested boarder line Diabetic.

Paula Bowen – Kenosha, Wisconsin

Dear Patricia,

Hello, I have always had PMS or cramps. But since I have been taking your Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail I have noticed it has helped resolve irritability that used to ruin my day.

sippin on some Braggz